Equalization Plan:Growth Formula and Non-Credit Funding

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Budget and Finance

Whereas, Successful passage and implementation of any equalization proposal will be dependent upon comprehensible formulae in several related budget areas and consistent definitions of terms such as "growth;"

Whereas, Calculating district growth figures has long been a complex task predicated on competing definitions and faulty assumptions;

Whereas, Historical inequities in growth calculations and resulting over-cap enrollment problems undermine systemwide faith in any funding allocation model; and

Whereas, Disparities between non-credit and credit funding for instructional activities have created serious inequities in the resources available to our students;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges support, as part of a wider equalization plan, efforts in the 2004-05 system budget proposal to:
resolve central definitional problems in funding allocation formulae;
improve the historically in accurate growth formula to allow correction of past inequities and better control of future over-cap enrollment problems; and
resolve the long-standing inequities between non-credit and credit funding.

Status Report: 

Ongoing in discussions of CBO/CCLC proposal.