Equity in Funding for California Community Colleges

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Also participated in other statewide forums, and will publish an article inRostrum, September 2004.

Whereas, The state funds individual community college districts at widely varying levels, ranging on a per FTES basis from a low of$3,493 to a high of $8,209 in the 2001-02 fiscal year;

Whereas, Districts that are funded below the average level nonetheless are required to meet the same state mandates as higher funded districts but with fewer resources and yet managed to provide 67% of testate total FTES in 2001-2002;

Whereas, Despite periodic attempts in the Legislature to provide funding for equalization, each year the gap between higher funded and lower funded districts grows, and districts with almost equal student populations can differ in the dollars received by over $700 per student; and

Whereas, There is widespread confusion and a general lack of awareness among the faculty concerning the disparities in funding among California Community College districts;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges offer a breakout at the Spring 2004 Plenary Session to explore the issue of equalization in funding for California community college districts.