Equity in Length of Time Between Semester and Quarter Terms

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Repeatability guidelines were changed to reflect equality between semester and quarters. The Chancellor's Office correspondence related to this resolution can be found here.    

Whereas, Lower division courses in higher education are structured to be completed in two years; Whereas, Individual skill development instruction as well as ensembles is structured by weeks becoming years (e.g., the term “five years of piano lessons” assumes weekly piano lessons for five years);

Whereas, Current repeatability regulations governing semester and quarter term colleges refer to years worth of instruction (e.g., four semesters/six quarters); and

Whereas, To change the regulations for currently repeatable skill development courses to a limit of a single term would create an inequity for students taking such courses in different term lengths (e.g., a student at one college would get 11 weeks of lessons while a student at another college would get 16);

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that any changes to regulations regarding currently repeatable courses be set in terms of years, i.e., one or two years, two semesters or three quarters equaling one year and four semesters or six quarters equaling two years.