Equivalency Process

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Professional Standards

Whereas at the University of California and the California State University, hiring of faculty is based upon the confidence of the faculty in the discipline that the candidate possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities to teach in the discipline regardless of the academic credentials held, and

Whereas the minimum qualifications refer to degrees and or experience which imply that someone has the ability to teach in a discipline, and

Whereas the faculty in the institution is the best judge of the requirements for teaching in their own institution,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges review the model equivalency paper adopted in Fall 1989 and consider incorporating the following:1. That equivalency means a process by which the faculty of each community college examine a candidate in such a manner that they can become confident that the candidate possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are equal to the minimum qualifications regardless of the academic credentials held; and2. That the equivalency process includes as part of its process a step which allows the faculty of the hiring institution to express its confidence in the candidate that the candidate has the equivalency to the minimum qualifications; and3. That this step be used in combination with documentation which is clear and consistent.