Evaluation and Revision of Financial Aid Systems

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Transfer, Articulation, and Student Services Committee
State and Legislative Issues
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Status Report

10-11 CLFIC conducted a breakout at Spring 11 plenary; "Rethinking Financial Aid." 10-11 CLFIC also published a Rostrum; "Improving Student Access to Financial Aid" that summarizes the article “Green Lights and Red Tape." This Rostrum article also included a self-assessment intended to serve as a tool for individuals to use to begin the discussion locally on their campuses about existing financial aid policies and office procedures.

Whereas, The majority of California community college students are eligible for some form of federal or state financial aid;
Whereas, Students remain in classes even when failing because they fear losing their financial aid, therefore engaging in unproductive and inefficient behaviors; and
Whereas, Students may accumulate excessive units by enrolling in and completing courses solely in order to retain their financial aid, and the Board of Governors (BOG) fee waivers set no limit on the number of units students may accrue while attending college under a BOG fee waiver;
Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge state and federal officials to evaluate and revise the current financial aid system in order to incentivize more productive and academically sound behavior by students.
MSC Disposition: Chancellor’s Office, Local Senates