Executive Order 1048, CSU Student Remediation

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General Concerns
Status Report

ICAS representatives have worked with CSU faculty to accomplish the goals in this resolution.

Whereas, California State University (CSU) Executive Order 1048, “Early Start Program,” requires that beginning in “summer 2012, incoming freshmen who have not demonstrated proficiency in English and/or mathematics will be required to begin remediation prior to the term for which they have been admitted, e.g., summer prior to fall”;

Whereas, Executive Order 1048 further allows that each individual CSU campus “will design a program for incoming freshmen to develop proficiency in mathematics and/or English before they enroll as matriculated freshmen”;

Whereas, One of the most commonly proposed responses to Executive Order 1048 at the CSU campuses is to have students needing remediation attend community college in the summer; and

Whereas, In the current economic climate and with limited summer resources, such an influx of CSU students could have a significant impact on access to classes in summer for native community college students;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work in close consultation with the CSU System to ensure that responses to CSU Executive Order 1048 regarding remediation of underprepared incoming students do not unduly and negatively impact the California community colleges or community college students.

MSC Disposition: Local Senates, CSU Academic Senate