Extend the Hold-Harmless Provision of the Funding Formula

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Budget and Finance

Whereas, The Student Centered Funding Formula (SCFF) apportions funding based on enrollment, supplemental, and student success metrics as well as a hold-harmless provision, and the SCFF Oversight Committee expects to complete its recommendations by June 30, 2021 [1] which may change the formula for subsequent fiscal years, after which districts will need time to adjust their budgets, programs, and staffing accordingly;

Whereas, Many colleges might need more time to prepare for imminent, significant drops in funding when the hold-harmless provision ends, and potential community college students do not always have the flexibility to travel to a distant campus with increasing funding rather than attend a nearby college facing imminent budget cuts;

Whereas, Unexpected reductions in Prop 98 property tax revenues, discrepancies in student-success and supplemental data, and other forecasting challenges have made it difficult for colleges to adopt accurate budgets in time for annual statutory deadlines, but extending the hold-harmless provision would allow colleges and districts to better plan for shifting funding among the California Community Colleges; and

Whereas, The California Legislature has asked the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) for its position on the SCFF, and ASCCC's response requested to "ensure funding stability and to support college exploration of how best to serve students." [2];

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge the state Legislature, California Community College Chancellor's Office, and other appropriate entities to extend the end date of the hold-harmless provision preferably by two years but at least until 2022-23 unless an effective means of assisting or protecting districts operating under the hold-harmless provision is developed and implemented prior to that time.


[1]  www.scffoversightcommittee.org/

[2] https://www.asccc.org/sites/default/files/Revising%20the%20Student%20Ce…