Faculty Development Task Force

Resolution Number
Area D
Assigned to
Faculty Development

Whereas the encouragement of professional excellence, innovation, and leadership would be useful in enhancing both the quality of education and the morale of the faculty, and

Whereas the implementation of recent Title 5 changes in the course approval process and implementation of many of the proposed community college reforms require much greater involvement by faculty and make increased demands which often go beyond contractual obligations, and

Whereas the current systems seem to provide few incentives either for excellence in teaching or for commitment to the life of the institution, and

Whereas the success of the community college mission and of the Academic Senate goals depends upon the full utilization of the talent and commitment of all community college faculty,

Resolved that the Academic Senate Executive Committee request that the Chancellor's Office establish a special representative task force to identify a system of incentives which would support and promote the following:

1) Enhancement of instructional effectiveness and satisfaction

2) Increased faculty participation in shared governance activities

3) Increased involvement in professional, community, and outreach activities

4) Increased involvement in planning and participation in faculty development activities.