Faculty Governance: Standing Order

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Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has long maintained that the effectiveness of the collegial model of governance depends upon the delegation of specific authority and responsibility to the faculty through their local academic senates, and

Whereas the report of the Commission for the Review of the Master Plan, entitled The Master Plan Renewed, recommends that "all three governing boards shall delegate appropriate authority to faculty senates with respect to academic standards; curriculum; policies for hiring, evaluation, and retention of faculty; and other academic matters,"

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend to the Board of Governors that the Board respond to this Master Plan recommendation that the senates have more authority by adopting the proposed standing order which calls for a formalized Academic Senate role in governance for the Academic Senate and by implementing the standing order through the delegation of specific responsibilities in appropriate areas, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend to local senates and boards of trustees that such specific responsibilities also be delegated to faculty through their academic senates on a local level.