Faculty Participation and Leadership in CTE Regional Consortia

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We have engaged in this to some degree through the WFTF efforts, but it probably needs a more focused effort.

Whereas, The California community colleges career technical education (CTE) mission and programs are monitored and supported by seven macro regional consortia whose members are comprised of representatives from every college within each of these regions and each of these regional consortia exist as separate entities operating under separate grants with their own operating bylaws and practices;

Whereas, A primary role of each region is to ensure the development of CTE programs do not unduly compete within regions beyond the capacity for graduating students to reasonably become employed, based upon state and federal labor market data;

Whereas, The Regional Consortia are primarily led by the regions’ CTE dean-level managers and faculty participation in each of these regions is unique to each region, ranging from very limited to active vibrant collegial engagement in all decision-making; and

Whereas, The Regional Consortia also provide a significant variety of regional leadership activities and regional community building among key stakeholders including faculty, other public agency representatives and industry representatives, but the consistency of formal representative consultation and input varies across the regions;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges collaborate with the Regional Consortia to empower and engage regional faculty leaders by including faculty as representatives for colleges within their regions, by adopting faculty voting privileges, and by electing faculty to serve in Regional Consortia leadership positions.