Faculty Primacy in School-to-Work and Tech Prep Curricula

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Vocational Education Committee
Career Technical Education
Status Report

The Committee has representatives on the Certificates Task Force, RWPEDA Advisory Group, Ed>Net and CCCAOE to represent occupational education concerns.

Whereas the Chancellor's Office has funded various local college programs, directed solely by administrators to coordinate, revise, and/or develop curriculum, and

Whereas those administrators at local colleges charged by the Chancellor's Office to oversee the development of such curriculum models have not consistently sought to involve local academic senates and the full-time faculty of the affected disciplines, and

Whereas proposals for the development and expansion of School-to-Work and Tech Prep continue to call for significant curricular reform including integration of academic and vocational instruction, skills certificates, and industry-driven curricular standards,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges reassert the statutory and regulatory primacy of faculty in determining curriculum and communicate this in writing to the Joint Advisory Committee on Vocational Education and the School-to-Career Interagency Partnership Group through the agencies which operate these programs: the California Department of Education, the Employment Development Department, the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges, and appropriate staff in these offices. M/S/U Disposition: Board of Governors. Chancellor's Office, Executive Committee, Governor. CCCAOE. CA Dept of ED, Emp. Devel. Dept. Joint Advisory Comm on Voc. Ed, School-to-Career Partnership