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The Local Senates Handbook contains information on Nomiations for Statewide Awards and Service (pp 84-85). Calls for nominations are sent to the field with information on required nomination materials and deadlines for each statewide award. There was a breakout during the 2015 Faculty Leadership Institute titled Faculty Recognition: Sharing Exemplary Practices.

Whereas, Faculty continue to do exceptional work in teaching and learning, in instruction and program design, and in learning and student support services at their colleges in support and to the benefit of students and their communities;

Whereas, While the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges provides recognition awards to both part- and full-time faculty, the opportunities for faculty to receive statewide awards is first and foremost in the hands of local academic senates;

Whereas, Local senate presidents are responsible for a vast number of tasks, many of which may require high priority attention, and new senate presidents may not be aware of all statewide awards; and

Whereas, Each award has its own timeline and criteria which can often be forgotten by local senate presidents while they are dealing with other local issues, causing some awards to go unclaimed due to lack of sufficient nominations;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that local senates form awards committees, or otherwise appoint responsible individuals, to be charged with the primary task of ensuring that faculty from their colleges have the opportunity to be recognized statewide for their outstanding work; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that local senates establish local processes for nominating faculty and submitting their nominations for statewide awards in a timely manner that aligns with the timelines and deadlines for each award.