Fee Proposal

Resolution Number
Executive Committee
Assigned to
Budget and Finance

Whereas the legislation mandating a $50 per semester community college student enrollment fee will expire in January of 1988, and

Whereas the original imposition of the student enrollment fee occasioned a level of conflict which had a generally negative effect on the community colleges, and

Whereas there is a great need for continuity and stability in the funding for community colleges, and

Whereas the community colleges and the state have taken steps to minimize the effect of the enrollment fee on student access, and

Whereas the correction of certain technical problems in provisions governing the enrollment fee and enhancement of financial aid delivery would further reduce the effect on access,

Resolved that the Academic Senate endorse a student fee proposal which includes the following provisions:

That the community college student enrollment fee be set at $5 per unit up to a maximum of $50 per semester

That the course drop fee be eliminated but other existing permissive fees of a non-instructional nature be maintained and the permissive health service fee be reinstated

That adequate financial aid be provided, and (through amendment)

That materials fees be maintained as appropriate