Fund for Instructional Improvement

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Whereas in 1977 the California Legislature created the Community College Fund for Instructional Improvement, and

Whereas the purpose of the Fund was, and is, to support the improvement of learning in community colleges through a program of grants and loans, and

Whereas since its inception the Fund has been the only State-level source of support for curricular and pedagogical innovation and professional development for community college faculty, and

Whereas in its premier year, 1978-79, when the Fund contained $1 million for grants and $1 million in loans, grants applications had a one-in-three chance of being funded, and

Whereas by 1987-88 grant dollars shrunk almost in half ($536,000), and the chance for success diminished to one in eight, and

Whereas in order to meet successfully the educational needs of a unique State such as ours, with its changing demography, ethnic diversity, and economic strength, the importance of instructional innovation cannot be overstated, and

Whereas the Academic Senate endorsed increased funding for FII at the 1989 Fall Session,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend to the Board of Governors that it take the necessary steps to assure that the Fund for Instructional Improvement be continued and additional funding be provided so that at least $1 million is available for grants annually, thus returning the amount of grant funding to the same level as when the FII was initiated.