Fund for Instructional Improvement

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Faculty Development

Whereas the Fund for Instructional Improvement has provided funds for instructional innovation for over a decade, and

Whereas in recent years the initial $1 million per year allocation has been cut substantially, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office recently wrote a budget change proposal to increase the FII funding to over $6 million, and

Whereas the recent AS/CIO ACR-39 study evaluated the FII program highly and recommended that its funding be substantially increased,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges endorse the recommendations of the ACR-39 study that the Fund for Instructional Improvement be increased to 1/2% of general fund budgets (currently approximately $10 million per year), and

Resolved that the Academic Senate Executive Committee and the Faculty Development Committee work with the appropriate offices of the Chancellor's Office, Board of Governors and legislature to achieve this increase in funding.