Funding for Direct District Educational Activities

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Budget and Finance
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The Board of Governors' Board of Education agreement was modified to reflect these concerns. The agreement calls for the Academic Senate to address alignment of minimum qualifications for noncredit and adult education instructors.

Whereas California community colleges continue to be underfunded, and

Whereas students receive most benefit from direct contact through either instruction or student services, and

Whereas the primary goal of the California community colleges is to enhance student learning, and

Whereas local assistance dollars (Proposition 98 money) are intended to be spent only on local district educational activities,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Chancellor's Office to expend Proposition 98 monies for noncredit education/adult education only for those activities that directly support student education.

Resolved that the Academic Senate support the position that educational activities slated to improve student learning and outcomes be focused on student contact.