Funding Formulas For Vocational Programs

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Vocational Education Committee
Career Technical Education
Status Report

Worked with two counselors who did research about relationship between counseling and vocational programs. They presented at Vocational LeadershipInstitute. Shared information about student success at IMPAC nursing meetings.

Whereas, The California Community Colleges are heavily involved in workforce development programs mandated by federal and state legislation establishing the Regional Workforce Preparation and Economic Development Act, the Workforce Investment Act, and the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act (VTEA);

Whereas, The California Community Colleges have readily supported these legislative actions through existing programs as well as the development of new vocational and technical programs to meet economic development needs;

Whereas, Maintaining up-to-date vocational and technical programs which maintain industry standards involves disproportionate funding for equipment, laboratories, and classroom supplies; and

Whereas, The current funding levels and formula for vocational and technical programs are the same as the programs not requiring major re-investments of funds on a regular basis to meet industry standards and regulations;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate research and analyze the implications of differential funding for vocational and technical programs and present the findings at a future plenary session.