Funding for Short Term Courses

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General Concerns

Whereas current research has indicated that short term classes are necessary to compete in the education marketplace with proprietary schools, and

Whereas recent studies strongly indicate that current and prospective students prefer that community colleges offer more short term classes, and

Whereas many institutions are responding to this growing trend to restructure coursework into short term modules while not eliminating hours or course content, and

Whereas these courses because of their less than 18 week structure are funded by an ADA formula that penalizes an institution that offers short term courses, and

Whereas those same courses offered in non-traditional (less than 18 weeks) structure do not generate ADA on holidays that fall within that period, and

Whereas this inequity discriminates in the amount of ADA generated because a course is packaged in a non-traditional manner,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge the Chancellor's Office to correct the inequities in the current funding of courses offered in less than a full quarter or semester.