Funding for Vocational Education

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Career Technical Education

Whereas there has been a strong funding base for vocational education in the form of grants such as Tech Prep and School To Work, and

Whereas the procedures and decisions for allocating and implementing these funds have been arbitrary capricious and undocumented,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to write a position paper which includes: 1) a history of the policies, procedures and implementation of funding for VATIEA, Tech Prep. School-To-Work and Vocational Education and 2) proposed set of procedures for the equitable distribution of funds, and

Resolved that, assuming the aforementioned history will document inequitable decisions and capriciously determined funding, that the set of procedures be taken through consultation to be implemented.
M/S/C Disposition: Chancellor's Office. Executive Committee, CCCAOE