Funding for Vocational Education/Impact of Program Based Funding

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Career Technical Education

Whereas vocational/technical education has been continuously supported by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges as a viable strategy for statewide economic development, and

Whereas the Board of Governors for California Community Colleges has established that strong vocational education programs are one of two primary goals for the community colleges, and

Whereas a budgeting mechanism based on FTES funding will provide an administrative disincentive for the maintenance of high quality vocational programs because of the necessarily low teacher student ratio and the limited number of workstations, significantly higher costs for maintenance and keeping pace with emerging technologies, and

Whereas vocational education programs have found it increasingly difficult to keep equipment and equipment systems at or near state-of-the-art and relevant to current industrial settings,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that the Chancellor's Office and the Board of Governors develop a mechanism that provides appropriate funding so that vocational programs are not disproportionately disadvantaged.