Global Education

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General Concerns

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has participated in and intends to continue such participation in the Global Education Network Task Force, and

Whereas the values formally adopted by the Task Force are consistent with the values of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges,

Resolved that the Academic Senate endorse the following values adopted by the Global Education Network Task Force:
Diversity - Develop understanding and respect for people from other civilizations, countries, and cultures;
Common Ground - Develop appreciation for similarities and commonalities between people from different countries and cultures;
Interdependence - Acknowledge the opportunities and challenges of global interdependency;
Critical Thinking - Encourage the development of independent conclusions based on information and varied perspectives;
Equality - Promote understanding of the equality of all people;
Inter-Group Understanding - Promote tolerance, reduce fears and racial conflict;
Conflict Resolution - Emphasize nonviolent resolution of conflict;
Economic Development - Recognize economic development as necessary for human subsistence and independence;
Importance of Education - Recognize education as a means to prepare learners for employment in our increasingly multi-cultural and multi-national environment, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate participate in the activities of the task force.

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A letter to this effect was widely circulated.