Golden Four Grades in New Transfer Degrees

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Michelle Pilati
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Status Report

A minimum of 'c' is required in SB1440 transfer degrees.

Whereas, SB 1440 (Padilla, 2010) has been signed into law, with one of its primary goals to decrease student accumulation of units as they complete a degree and prepare to transfer;
Whereas, Resolution 4.03 S10 recognized that a “transfer degree” was imminent and called for the Academic Senate to “strongly encourage all local senates to ensure that students are provided with the degree options that meet their needs, be that aligning degree requirements with transfer institutions or offering degrees that serve as preparation for work”; and
Whereas, The California State University currently requires completion in the areas of the “Golden Four” with a minimum grade of “C” for transfer admission (i.e., A3--critical thinking, A1--communication, A2--English composition, and B4--quantitative reasoning) but not included in SB 1440;
Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges strongly urge requiring a minimum grade of “C” in the “Golden Four” in any associate degree for transfer.
MSC Disposition: Local Senates