Graduate Students Teaching in California Community Colleges

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Professional Standards

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge the Board of Governors to adopt regulations permitting community college districts to hire interns as part-time faculty members even if they do not meet the minimum qualifications provided that:

a. The interns are enrolled in a graduate program at an accredited institution of higher education and have completed at least half of their graduate program which would give them the minimum qualifications in the discipline of hire, and

b. The community college district is required to assign a mentor to work with each intern, the mentor must meet the minimum qualifications to offer the class or service the graduate student is offering and may not have another formal assignment at the time the intern is teaching or offering service, and

c. All other provisions of Title 5 and the Education Code apply to interns as to other faculty such as full-time/part-time ratios and agreed upon hiring policies, and

d. These provisions should not be required of anyone who serves as a teaching assistant if a legally qualified instructor is in the classroom at all times and is teacher of record, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge local districts, upon obtaining the authority to hire interns, to:

a. Consult not only with the academic senate and exclusive representatives as required by law and regulation but also with the affirmative action committee in developing its local policies regarding interns, and

b. Develop policies regarding the responsibilities of mentors which should include requirements that the mentor provide regular and systematic contact with the intern, including meeting with the intern well before the first day of service to assist in the selection of textbooks and planning of classroom activities and out of class assignments, and

c. Develop special sections of hiring and evaluation policies appropriate for the hiring and evaluation of interns.