Grant Reading Reform

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Consultation with the Chancellor's Office

Whereas the reading of a variety of grant proposals, referred to as Requests for Application (RFAs), involve volunteer faculty readers, and

Whereas readings have often been carried out under conditions stressful to faculty volunteers, such as unrealistic work loads, unclear application of criteria, hasty reader training, and uncomfortable work places, and

Whereas the above problems may adversely affect decisions about grant awards, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office is committed to improving the training of volunteer faculty readers and the conduct of the grant readings as reflected in the work presently being done by the Chancellor's Office and Academic Senate representatives,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Chancellor's Office to follow-through with the project of reforming the grant reading procedures, such reforms to include a process for selecting candidates for reading, training prospective readers, and improving the process of grant readings itself, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Chancellor's Office to institute there forms suggested as quickly as possible.

Status Report: 

The Academic Senate President prepared a letter urging the Chancellor to reform the process The Chancellor has formed a Grant Process Review Task Force. The Task Force which included senate representation has made are commendation to the Chance