Granting of Emeritus Status to Sally Flotho

Resolution Number
Mark Snowhite
Assigned to
Executive Director
Academic Senate
Status Report

The Senate Data Base has be updated with the title of Emeritus.

Whereas Sally Flotho has dedicated much of her energy and time to bettering the California Community College system through her efforts as a member of the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, and

Whereas Sally Flotho has worked for many years strengthening the Golden West College Academic Senate and in so doing helped that college's faculty carry out its academic and professional responsibilities, and

Whereas Sally Flotho has carried out her duties with admirable good judgment, selflessness and general good will, and

Whereas Sally Flotho's work in her community as well as at her college and in statewide organizations has been inspirational to others, and

Whereas Sally Flotho is now retired from her full-time position at Golden West College,

Resolved that the Academic Senate confer upon Sally Flotho the designation of Senator Emeritus, with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate wish Sally Flotho success in all her future endeavors.