Health Fees

Resolution Number
John Allen
Assigned to
General Concerns

Whereas many community colleges are committed to providing student health services, and

Whereas community colleges were required by law to provide student health services for several years without having the ability to collect student fees for these services, and

Whereas many colleges provided those health services, as required by law (even though a health fee could not be charged) by redistribution of operational funds within college budgets, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office has recently reimbursed the cost of health services to districts whose colleges maintained student health services during those years when a health fee could not be charged, and

Whereas districts may not be returning those funds to the local colleges,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges urge the Chancellor's Office to require that districts receiving reimbursements for health services provided by their colleges return those reimbursements to the colleges in proportion to the amount originally spent by the colleges.