Hiring Prioritization

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Equity and Diversity

Whereas "hiring criteria, policies and procedures shall be agreed upon jointly" by the local governing board and the academic senate (Education Code 87360), and

Whereas the local academic senates as representatives of faculty have primacy in determining discipline-specific program goals and student success, and

Whereas some colleges do not involve faculty in determining the final recommended list of faculty hiring prioritization to college presidents,

Resolved that the Academic Senate research present practices in faculty hiring prioritization, examine successful models in which faculty participate in a final priority recommendation to the campus president, and prepare a report recommending ways local academic senates can become more involved in determining which disciplines, areas or departments receive priority in new hiring, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate report its findings at the Spring 2001 Plenary Session.

Status Report: 

This topic has been addressed in two senate documents: A Re-examination of Faculty Hiring adopted Fall 2000 and the Faculty Planning and Budget document presented for adoption at the 2001 Fall Plenary Session.