Honor and Thank Emeritus Chancellor Brice Harris

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Academic Senate

Whereas, Brice Harris came out of a well-earned retirement to serve as chancellor of the California Community Colleges from November 2012 until April 2016;

Whereas, Brice Harris assumed the role of chancellor at the end of a difficult economic period for the State of California and the California Community Colleges and led the Community College System forward to new successes with determination, efficiency, and enthusiasm for the capacity and potential of every student the system serves;

Whereas, Brice Harris showed exemplary leadership during his time as chancellor through an inclusive, respectful style that effectively brought together the many different constituencies and perspectives of the community college system and demonstrated and promoted particular respect for the voice of faculty; and

Whereas, Brice Harris served as a mentor and guide to other leaders throughout the community college system, always taking a kind, personal, and thoughtful approach in his interactions with all of those with whom he came into contact;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges honor the service of Chancellor Brice Harris and thank him for his multitude of contributions to the California Community College System and specifically to the Academic Senate; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges wish Emeritus Chancellor Brice Harris the very best in his retirement and wherever his future paths may lead.

By Acclamation