Improving the Resolution Voting Process

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Academic Senate

Whereas there have been approximately 50 resolutions submitted on the day before voting in both 1994 Fall and 1994 Spring sessions, which represents approximately 70 percent of the total resolutions for each session, and

Whereas there is only an hour to review these resolutions prior to voting on the final day of session, and

Whereas delegates have not had time to discuss the issues with their constituencies,

Resolved that all new resolutions submitted on the second day of session be held to the next session unless the resolution is of an urgent nature, and

Resolved that the Executive Committee meet after the resolution deadline on the second day of session to determine whether those submitted as urgent should be presented for voting on the last day of session, and

Resolved that this be instituted for the 1995 Fall session to avoid beginning this process during the election process, and

Resolved that the delegates at the 1995 Spring Session be urged to submit the majority of their resolutions before the deadline on the first day of session.
M/S/C Disposition: Executive Committee. Local Senates