Increased Tuition/Changed Mission

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Budget & Finance Operational Committee
Budget and Finance

Whereas the proposed increase in tuition to $30 a credit has its greatest impact on the student, on education, and on the classroom, and

Whereas there are other areas that should be looked at for cuts, and

Whereas decentralization at both the state and local level can result in cost savings, and

Whereas the "marginally motivated" student in the Legislative Analyst Office report refers to the very student that community colleges have traditionally helped to achieve further education in order to contribute to the state through employment, and

Whereas stating that $30 tuition is a "bargain" is faulty reasoning if students cannot afford even the current $10 a credit tuition, and

Whereas the increased tuition may adversely affect underrepresented college students, the majority of whom are in community colleges, and

Whereas the life-long learning mission of community colleges has served to create a diverse student body, made up of students who encourage and educate each other and help increase employment opportunities, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate oppose the increase in tuition, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate continue to support the varied missions of the California Community Colleges as described in AB 1725.