Information Competency Requirement in Certificates

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Whereas, The July 26, 2001, draft of "Framing Document: A Career Ladders Approach to Workforce Development," the adopted Academic Senate paper on information competency, and many employers across diverse industries agree that skills in literacy and numeracy alone are no longer sufficient for people to obtain and retain jobs in the workplace, and cite increasing demands upon workers to "collect and assess information";

Whereas, Chancellor's Office approved certificates of 18 or more units are envisioned as providing for full-career preparation for students as they enter occupations;

Whereas, The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges' recommendation for the inclusion of information competency in both associate degree requirements and certificates of 18 units or more was formulated after extensive research, discussion at multiple plenary sessions, and debate and deliberation at five statewide hearings attended by discipline faculty; and

Whereas, The recommendation supported the concept that each college be empowered to use its local curriculum process and the expertise of discipline faculty to determine how best to implement the information competency requirement, allowing wide latitude to attend to local colleges' needs (including such myriad approaches as developing stand-alone courses, co-requisites, infusion in selected courses with or without additional units and/or infusion in all general education courses, with or without additional units);

Resolved, That the Academic Senate reaffirm its support for Resolution 9.01 S 01 in its entirety, ensuring that both students who receive associate degrees and students who earn Chancellor's Office approved certificates of 18 or more units will possess necessary information competency skills.

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Information competency had its funding denied.