Institutional Software and Hardware for Reporting Data

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Whereas many California community colleges are seeking new institutional software/hardware packages and programs, and

Whereas a variety of software/hardware companies offer a variety of services to the California community colleges, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office will be requiring more and more information for accountability, and

Whereas a system-wide approach to such software/hardware concerns could save individual colleges millions of dollars because of shared training, expertise, and opportunities,

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend that the Board of Governors, through the consultation process with the Academic Senate, follow a system wide approach to software and hardware selection for individual college use in the reporting of data, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Board of Governors to fund the hardware and software programs for college data reporting for all districts and colleges in the California Community College System.

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The Tech Committee and other ASCCC Appointees represented the faculty of the California Community Colleges on technology issues seeking to ensure participation in the formation of statewide policies on academic and professional matters that involve technology in the following areas: Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Committee (TTAC), System-wide Architecture Committee (SAC), California Community Colleges Satellite Network (CCCSAT), and members of California Technology in Education Collaboration (CTEC), which includes @One, CCC Confer, CVC and a few others.