Instructional Materials

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Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Consultation with the Chancellor's Office
Status Report

Letters have been sent and advocacy followed to the Board of Governor and the Legislature. Update 6/25/2015: The ASCCC advocated for basic instructional  and library materials funding to remain intact.

Whereas instructional materials block grant funding originated as a specific budgetary enhancement for library materials, and

Whereas basic funding is below Proposition 98 guidelines and categorical block grant funds are increasingly being used as a substitute for basic allocations, and

Whereas the Legislature, over the past three to four years, is adding more disparate categories within the block grant process, obscuring the original intent for the block grant fund, and

Whereas the total monies allocated to the instructional block grant fund have steadily decreased, not increased, directly proportional to the increase in categories,

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Chancellor's Office and the Legislature to separate instructional and library materials block grant funding from all other block grant funds, and

Resolved that the Chancellor's Office urge the Legislature to use block grant funding for instructional and library materials as a supplement to, not a replacement for, basic instructional and library materials funding.