Internet-based Instruction

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Whereas faculty are increasingly involved in development and use of electronic material, and

Whereas expansion of Internet-based instruction and communication via e-mail has created new venues for the use of such electronic material, and

Whereas protection of faculty rights to their own materials and the fair use of materials developed by others has both academic and workload implications,

Resolved that the Academic Senate, in conjunction with faculty union leadership, develop and disseminate a position paper on intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and copyright as they apply to electronic media, especially e-mail, multimedia, and use of the Internet.

Status Report: 

The Fall 1999 paper "Academic Freedom, Privacy, Copyright and Fair Use in a Technological World" and Spring 2000 paper "Technology in Education: A Summary of Practical Policy and Workload Language" have been adopted. The committee recommends that in light of the Senate's positions on academic freedom, no further specific action be taken on prescribing the content of faculty or student web pages.