Joint Faculty Projects: Administrative Guidelines

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Intersegmental Issues

Whereas the Legislature has identified the importance of Intersegmental Joint Faculty Projects (IJFP) to facilitate the dialogue, planning, and partnership among faculty in the California community colleges, CSU and UC, and

Whereas the Legislature specified a budget line item of $165,000 per year for IJFP that is monitored and disseminated by the Chancellor's Office, and

Whereas the IFJP are intended to result in the successful movement of students among the systems, and

Whereas there are no specific administrative guidelines for the use and dissemination of these funds,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges direct the Executive Committee to develop administrative guidelines for the appropriate use and dissemination of the Intersegmental Joint Faculty Projects Funds.
M/S/U Disposition: CSU Senate. College/District CEOs. Executive Committee. ICAS. ICC. UC Senate. Chancellor's Office. Board of Governors