Joint Statement on Community College Governance

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Consultation with the Chancellor's Office

Whereas the Board of Governors and the California Community Colleges Trustees (CCCT) have recently forged a joint agreement that delineates roles and reaffirms the current bilateral system of governance, forwarding it to Consultation Council after the fact, and

Whereas the agreement changes previously established practices under the Education Code such as reducing the role of the Board of Governors in compliance monitoring and regulation enforcement unless a district has reached a condition of "severe difficulty," and

Whereas the agreement goes even further to indicate that, when local concerns arise, the Chancellor will first seek the advice and counsel of CCCT, the California Community College Chief Executive Officers (CCCCEO), the Accrediting Commission, etc., by which the Board of Governors abdicates its responsibility for independent oversight, and

Whereas the agreement short circuits the current work of Education Code Revision Task Force,

Resolved that the Academic Senate oppose the "Joint Statement on Community College Governance" developed by the Board of Governors and the California Community College Trustees, and

Resolved that Academic Senate reaffirm its commitment to the original bilateral governance structure as established in AB 1725 (Vasconcellos), and

Resolved that the Academic Senate urge the Chancellor to bring policy and Education Code change suggestions to the Consultation Council before developing full-blown proposals such as the joint statement, to follow the established consultation processes and to work with taskforces before creating alternative recommendations.

Status Report: 

Input was made to the Joint Statement which was then considerably revised