K-10 Students in California Community Colleges

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General Concerns

Whereas SB 695 (Presley) permits students from K-10 to enroll in community college classes for credit, and

Whereas community college credit courses are postsecondary and designed for adult students, and

Whereas community college instructors are not required to take the relevant courses in child and adolescent development or primary or secondary pedagogy,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges request that the Board of Governors commission a study of the participation of K-10 students in the California Community Colleges and that the study include the following:

Responsibility for assessment for readiness

Criteria for special admission

Legal standards for denial of admission

Implications for rights of faculty, including the right to deny entry

Age-appropriateness for certain subject matter classes arid the legality of consequent restrictions

Minor status as it relates to participation in extracurricular activities

Necessity to provide parents' orientation and the contents of such a meeting

Tracking of student progress

Special conditions for probation and course repetition

Time restrictions, e.g., length of class and when offered

Implications for support services, especially counseling and library

Legitimacy of age segregation
Cost benefit ratio of all of the above

Consequent recommendations to local governing boards, including a set of guidelines for K-1O student attendance in California Community Colleges