Lateral Transfers

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Laird Durley
Assigned to
Professional Standards
Status Report

This request was communicated to the Board of Governors and the Chancellor.

Whereas the position of college president is a unique and important position at all 107 California community colleges, and

Whereas unilateral "lateral transfers" into the presidency have occurred and such lateral transfers have been treated as merely administrative and thus not subject to any faculty input, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges finds that such transfers violate both the spirit and the letter of AB 1725's insistence on shared governance, and

Whereas the Chancellor's Office has ruled variously in two extant cases of such transfers that such transfers are permissible (Kings River College) and not permissible (Los Medanos College),

Resolved that the Academic Senate ask the Board of Governors to rule that any future lateral transfers into a college presidency not be permitted and direct the Chancellor accordingly.