Librarians-75:25 Ratio

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Professional Standards

Whereas students need to be able to access, use and synthesize information as the basis for their academic and career success, and

Whereas librarians provide instruction which enables students to achieve these ends, and

Whereas the number of faculty librarians hired since Proposition 13 has declined while student enrollments have increased, and

Whereas funds to hire faculty to improve the 75:25 ratio were limited to classroom faculty and excluded librarians, and

Whereas the 75:25 ratio was modified July 1, 1992 to allow faculty librarian hires to count in the ratio but only for a two year period,

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend to the Board of Governors that the sunset provision for the inclusion of faculty librarians in the 75:25 ratio be extended until a better provision for hiring faculty librarians is instituted in Title 5.