Limitations on Enrollment and Admission Criteria for Baccalaureate Programs

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Whereas, SB 850 (Block, 2014) authorized the Board of Governors to establish a statewide baccalaureate degree program at not more than 15 pilot colleges;

Whereas, The mission of the California community college is based on providing an open-access higher education opportunity to all who may benefit from instruction;

Whereas, Education Code §78261.5 provides for a limitation on enrollment for nursing; and

Whereas, It is anticipated that demand for community college baccalaureate programs will exceed capacity in the initial cohorts;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges work with the Chancellor’s Office to create guidelines that adhere to principles of the California community college mission of open educational access and equity while allowing enrollment restrictions for baccalaureate pilot programs.


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Assigned to 5C, but primarily handled by the Baccalaureate Degree Task Force. 2017 -18: The co-chair will provide an update to the field regarding the progress of this resolution.