Mandatory Matriculation Site Visit

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Whereas the Seymour-Campbell Matriculation Act of 1986 (AR 3) requires the Chancellor to evaluate the utility of matriculation services to students, and

Whereas the Matriculation Act authorizes the Chancellor to retain up to 5% of matriculation funds for enforcement of the Act, and

Whereas matriculation site visits have been an integral part of the implementation plan for matriculation services, and

Whereas such site visits have provided invaluable assistance to local college faculty in providing support services to students,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend to the Chancellor that mandatory site visits continue to be a required part of the implementation plan for matriculation services.
M/S/C DISPOSITION: Chancellor's Office

Status Report: 

The Matriculation Advisory Committee formed two subcommittees at its April 1997 meeting. The first will explore outcome measures to investigate the impact of matriculation on student access and success. The second will investigate the efficacy of the matriculation site visit process and make suggestions for changes at the second round of site visits are held.