Matriculation Funding

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Budget and Finance
Status Report

Fundingfor Partnership for Excellence was included in the approved state budget,but was reduced from $225 Million to $193 million.

Whereas, Matriculation is intended to assure all students access to higher education opportunities;

Whereas, The Governor's proposed budget cuts would result in a loss of $26.8 million in matriculation funds for California community colleges and would severely impact the ability of colleges to provide essential direct services to students, such as admissions, orientation, counseling, assessment, and support services, and would also severely limit the colleges' ability to support transfer and articulation functions;

Whereas, The loss of matriculation funds would impair colleges' ability to educate and train students, thus limiting students' ability to attain higher skills and higher wages for self-sufficiency; and

Whereas, Matriculation services have been shown to be effective in improving student retention and persistence as documented by numerous studies conducted at local colleges and by the Chancellor's Office, and matriculation services are cost effective, requiring a local match of 3:1, whereby each dollar from the state requires three dollars from the district;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate work with the Chancellor's Office to restore all matriculation funding, for both noncredit and credit programs, to the 2002-2003 budget; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate work with the Chancellor's Office, local academic senates, other faculty groups, student organizations, other consultation council groups, the matriculation community, and concerned members of the public to:
develop and share materials for effective advocacy for the essential need for matriculation funding for all students; and
conduct an educational campaign (including use of the media as well as letter-writing, fax and telephone contacts) aimed at the Legislature and the Governor regarding the importance of matriculation programs and services to community college students and the urgency of matriculation funding.