Matriculation Funding

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Budget and Finance
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Mid-year cuts restored.

Whereas, Community colleges are open-entry institutions that serve the entire spectrum of the student population from the most gifted to the most at-risk, and this population is in need of a wide range of services to reach their educational goals;

Whereas, Title 5 55520 identifies those services as including, but not limited to, assessment, orientation advisement, counseling, student follow-up, coordination and training, research and pre- and co-requisite enforcement, as well as establishes the mandatory minimum levels of these services;

Whereas, The proposed 38 percent budget reduction for matriculation funds will severely hamper the colleges' ability to fulfill this regulatory obligation and will compromise the community colleges' mission to help students succeed in their educational endeavors; and

Whereas, The reduction of funding for noncredit matriculation services, particularly for ESL and Adult Basic Education (ABE), will have a negative effect on the number of students transitioning from noncredit to credit classes; and equitable access to higher education by underrepresented students and students in need of remediation will be adversely affected by the reduction of matriculation services and result in a significant negative impact on transfer and graduation rates;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate urge the Governor to fully restore matriculation funding to the 2001-2002 level.