MESA Field Trips

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General Concerns

Whereas, The primary objective of the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) programs in California community colleges is to increase the number of educationally and financially disadvantaged students pursuing degrees in mathematics, sciences, engineering, or computer science, who are eligible for and plan to transfer to a four-year college or university;

Whereas, A main component of the MESA Community College Program, as outlined by the System Office, is to provide students with leadership and other skill development opportunities which are offered through regional and national conferences hosted by organizations such as the Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHPE), the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) many of which are scheduled in out-of-state venues; and

Whereas, Currently Title 5 55450 states that "No District funds shall be used to support student expenses for out-of-state field trips or excursions";

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recognize that, since no student shall be prevented from participating in a field trip or excursion because of lack of "sufficient funds" (Title 5 55450), and because students accepted into the MESA Program are financially disadvantaged, the MESA Programs should be allowed to financially support MESA students interested in attending appropriate regional and national out-of-state conferences;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend that MESA Programs interested in using grant funds to support MESA students in attending appropriate out-of-state conferences present their request to their respective District Boards of Trustees within 30 days of the scheduled event; and

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges recommend to the Board of Governors that Title 5 be amended to permit District Boards of Trustees to approve the financial support of MESA students attending out-of-state field trips coordinated by MESA Programs on a case-by-case basis.
MSC Disposition: Board of Governors, Local Senates