Minimum Hiring Qualifications

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Professional Standards

Whereas recommendation 5 on the minimum qualifications for hire of vocational educators is too restrictive for present and future occupational programs, and

Whereas the competencies of many of the current and future technologies are obtained in the work place and not necessarily in formal education settings, and

Whereas some of the main outcomes of earning a bachelor's degree are the critical thinking skills and other interdisciplinary skills and understanding reflected in the fulfillment of the General Education requirements for the degree and not directly connected to the specialization,

Resolved that the Academic Senate recommend to the representatives of the AB 3409 Task Force the following change to recommendation 5 of the "Report of the Task Force on Community College Faculty and Administrator Qualifications, Hiring, Evaluation, and Retention": That "d" be changed to "e," and that the new "d" read: "Possession of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution (or equivalent foreign degree) plus four years of experience related to the discipline."