Misuse of Partnership Funds

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Budget and Finance

Whereas Partnership for Excellence funds are intended solely to enhance student success, and

Whereas the goals that community colleges are expected to meet directly reflect five clear measures of student success, and

Whereas community college faculty are the guardians of their students' educational welfare and responsible for ensuring that their respective institutions plan and budget properly for student success,

Resolved that the Academic Senate strongly urge local academic senates to inform the President of the Academic Senate when their colleges fail to use Partnership for Excellence funds for their intended use, to improve student success, and to file legal complaints with the Chancellor when Title 5 minimum conditions have been violated in the use of the Partnership for Excellence funds, and

Resolved that the President of the Academic Senate work with the Chancellor to assure that such information and complaints receive appropriate attention and response.

(mwl 2009)
Status Report: 

Partnership for Excellence funding has been discontinued.