Modification of Disciplines Review Process

Resolution Number
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Standards and Practices Committee
Disciplines List
Status Report

The Committee conducted Disciplines List hearings and presented its recommendations along with a summary of the hearings to the Executive Committee. It also sent to the Senate Office the complete record of the hearings.

Whereas the current academic senate process for review of minimum qualifications for faculty does not allow for any modification of the initial submission of a proposed change to the Disciplines List, and

Whereas some of the past proposals could have benefited through the amendment process,

Resolved that the Academic Senate change the disciplines review process by sending proposed changes to the Area meetings preceding the Fall Session of the year of the review for discussion and possible revision by resolution, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate have a breakout on the proposed changes to the Disciplines List on the first day of the Fall Session and allow modification or substitutions through the resolution process before the proposed changes go into consultation.