Multiple Measures

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Whereas the intent of matriculation regulations is to foster student success, and

Whereas English and mathematics courses require an entry skill level for students to have a reasonable chance of success, and

Whereas matriculation regulations require the use of multiple, uncorrelated measures for placement (whether advisory or mandatory), and

Whereas under matriculation an assessment test must meet standards of validity, reliability, and be unbiased, and

Whereas the other multiple measures are not required to meet the same standards, and

Whereas the difficulty and cost of finding uncorrelated multiple measures and applying them in a consistent manner far outweigh any advantage they have over a single objective, reliable, valid, and unbiased assessment,

Resolved that the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges seek changes in the matriculation regulations to rescind the requirement that multiple measures be applied to every matriculated student and that multiple measures be used only at the specific request of students wanting measures in addition to that provided by a single assessment score from a valid, reliable, and unbiased test.