Occupational Programs and the 60% Limitation on Part-Time

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Career Technical Education
Status Report

Due to Academic Senate opposition, SB 847 was withdrawn by the maker.

Whereas, Occupational Programs need full-time faculty to maintain the quality, consistency and continuity of their programs; to consistently build the programs, do program review, build and update curriculum, build and maintain links to the community, industry, and advisory committees;

Whereas, Occupational full-time faculty must meet outside accrediting agency requirements, respond to VTEA (Vocational and Technical Education Act) requirements, and participate in governance on campus;

Whereas, AB 1725 noted that the "quality, quantity, and composition of full-time faculty have the most immediate and direct impact on the quality of instruction"; and

Whereas, The Academic Senate paper The Status of Nursing Education in the California Community Colleges notes many different concerns about the advisability of relying on part-time faculty and notes that increasing the 60% limitation on part-time faculty would not be the answer for all nursing programs;

Resolved, That the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges oppose increasing the 60% limit for part-time faculty for any occupational programs at California's community colleges.MSC Disposition: Legislators, Local Senates