Oppose Performance Based Funding

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Legislative and Advocacy Committee
Budget and Finance
Status Report

The Academic Senate has advocated this position widely. Senate representatives on the Partnership for Excellence Task Force have consistently opposed unworkable distribution methods. Update 6/25/2015: The ASCCC actively opposes performance based funding. Partnership for Excellence funding has been discontinued. 

Whereas the Partnership for Excellence will be funded on an FTES basis for the first three years for progress on system goals, but the Legislature gave the Board of Governors the responsibility to establish a district-specific funding mechanism after that time, and

Whereas the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges has opposed performance-based funding because it could create negative institutional pressures on academic rigor and lead to an inequitable distribution of state resources,

Resolved that the Academic Senate reaffirm its opposition to performance-based funding as a means of distributing educational resources, and

Resolved that the Academic Senate work with other organizations to educate the Legislature and the new Governor about the negative educational implications of this approach, and

Resolved that Academic Senate work to remove the possibility that Partnership for Excellence Funds will be distributed on a district-specific basis in three years.